We believe in hard work and dedication

We take great care to thoroughly vet each and every one of our scholarship recipients, going through a rigorous selection process that is designed to ensure that only the most worthy and deserving candidates receive our support. We have specific criteria that must be met for each applicant, and we take the time to carefully evaluate each person’s qualifications in order to make sure that your donation is going to have the greatest possible impact.

Through our meticulous process, we can guarantee that your generosity will be put to good use, helping these deserving individuals to develop important trade skills and knowledge that will equip them for a brighter future. By investing in their education and training, we are not only giving them a chance at success, but we are also investing in the future of our society as a whole. Thank you for your support!

Our Promise

 Our mission is simple, Lucas Alvarez LA6 Foundation provides academic scholarships and awards for underprivileged individuals to achieve their dreams by attending vocational and technical schools while honoring Lucas Alvarez and his unwavering passion for mechanics. 

Our Values

We believe that everyone has a God-given talent. Our foundation gives individuals an opportunity to explore and capitalize on those talents, and paves the way for a future filled with hope and success.

How are your funds allocated?

We rely on donations from generous individuals in order to fund scholarships for underprivileged children. These scholarships provide a means for these children to attend vocational and trade schools, which serves to steer them away from the negative influences and trouble, while simultaneously equipping them with valuable skills that will benefit them in the future. This offers the children a supportive and safe environment in which to thrive and grow, allowing them to provide for themselves and lead fulfilling lives. Let’s give these children the chance to thrive and lead fulfilling lives. Your support truly makes a difference.