About Lucas


Lucas was born in August 2001 and had a passion for exploring and creating. He loved antique trucks and cars, mechanics, boating, dirt bikes and ATVs, lacrosse, his brother, family, friends, and LIFE! While school posed challenges for him, Lucas found a supportive community at Westminster Christian School in Palmetto Bay, Florida. He later traveled to the Dominican Republic to construct water lines for the village of “Piedra Azul” with Blue Missions. Lucas was accepted to Universal Technical Institute in Orlando to pursue his dream of becoming a mechanic. Sadly, Lucas passed away in February 2020 in a boating accident in the Florida Keys. His memories live on, and we should remember to cherish what we have and encourage each other’s gifts.



There was no doubt that Lucas had Jesus in his heart. This was the last text he sent to his lacrosse coach the night before the accident. This speaks volumes about the person Lucas was, and sets  a clear example for others to follow. 

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