Eligibility Criteria for Scholarship

Upon high school graduation or GED, students expressing interest in vocational or technical careers may receive comprehensive benefits not only from state or federal grants but also from private sector foundations such as ours.

The following is the criteria to be considered for a Trade College Scholarship:

Male or female 16 – 24 years of age, that resides in the state of florida, and has a valid Florida ID.

We look for individuals that have a God-given talent to fix things, a hands-on type that is not afraid to get their hands dirty. They must have a passion for mechanics, plumbing, electrical, and /or HVAC

To be considered for a scholarship, the applicant should send a letter of intent to LA6 by email, describing a brief personal history, as well as future aspirations, and what it is they would like to achieve with the assistance of an LA6 scholarship.

The applicant must demonstrate a financial hardship. He/she must enroll (or be enrolled) in a Florida public vocational / technical college, and apply for any and all financial assistance programs offered by the educational institution, as well as the Federal Government (FAFSA).

LA6 will accept a limited number candidates per year, for a full or partial scholarship. This includes, but is not limited to:  tuition, books, uniform, transportation/personal expenses, computer, etc. The total contribution from LA6 is not to exceed $5,000.00 per student per program. If he/she qualifies for financial aid through the institution and/or the federal government at any point, the unused portion of the $5,000.00 LA6 scholarship may be used for another recipient.

Once accepted for a scholarship by LA6 and enrolled in the school, the recipient is to maintain a standard of performance and academic excellence. He/She is expected to be on time to class, dressed appropriately, engaged in class instruction, and meeting the criteria of the program. A report will be provided by his/her instructor / school counselor at the end of each trimester. If the report is to the satisfaction of LA6, LA6 will pay for the upcoming trimester registration in whole or part, as per said contract/commitment.

LA6 reserves the right to cancel the scholarship if deems recipient is not achieving the standards of performance and academic excellence.

If at any point the recipient qualifies for additional financial aid, pell grant or other, LA6’s financial portion may be reduced.

Recipient is to sign a hold harmless release from LA6 prior to receiving benefits. This also permits LA6 to share their story, and show pictures and video content of recipient via social media and other means for LA6’s marketing purposes.

We pray to be matched up with the right candidate(s) to help pave the way for a future filled with hope and success.